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With a combined 25 years of music business experience, owners Austin Breckenridge and Robert Austin have had the opportunity to develop a deep understanding and broadened perspective on the ever-changing needs of today's independent musical artist. We understand that as an independent musical artist, you are in a prime position; one in which, with our guidance and expertise, we can help you reach your goals and develop a self-sustaining, lucrative, and most importantly, satisfying career.


Designed for Artists who are looking for day-to-day management of their band-as-a-business. These areas are inclusive of, but not limited to: branding, merchandising, sales, marketing, distribution channels, social media platform management, business operations, copyrighting, and publishing. The Artist Management Program is an excellent fit for artists who would like the help of a seasoned artist manager in helping facilitate not only their day-to-day business affairs, but also all aspects of their creative career and direction.


Our Artist development program was designed with artists in mind who wish to self-manage their day to day affairs, whilst still retaining access to our one-on-one consulting resources in various areas of the music business. The Artist Development program is an excellent fit for artists who seek guidance on a per-project basis, for example: an album release show, promotional tour, PR campaign, advertising opportunities, or any other aspect of the creative process.


Our Business Management Services are designed for established, or up-and-coming Artists who have their creative career figured out, and are looking for day-to-day management of their administrative affairs. These include, but are not limited to: bookkeeping, entity formation, quarterly and annual filings, business operations, copyrights, and publishing.


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