Set The BAR Management is a strategic partnership between Barb Rocks (San Jose, CA) and The A&R Agency (Austin, TX). Our mission is to provide a dynamic approach to artist management, tailored to the unique needs of each client, with the goal of achieving and maintaining a state of mutual excellency. You have amazing goals, and we are determined to help you bring them to fruition!

Having worked previously together under the successful California-based independent record label, Nemesis Media Inc., Barbara Wahli, Austin Breckenridge, and Robert Austin have proven that the team-dynamic works wonders for our clients. The "Set The BAR" name stems from our combined initials (B.A.R.) and the idea that together we set the standard for how management companies should treat their artists, with the artist's needs coming first. To quote The Killers, “I don't shine if you don't shine,” and no saying could better reflect our stance on the artist/manager relationship.

Our combined roster currently consists of Alex Winters, with more artists TBA. Being a cross-city/cross-state partnership, we offer a dynamic approach based on our individual skill-sets, as well as access to a larger combined footprint in terms of industry contacts within multiple regions of the US. Barbara Wahli is known for her great ear for music, and seeing the vast potential in aspiring artists, as well as being well-versed in social media and digital marketing. Austin Breckenridge specializes in the back-end business portion of your daily operations, ranging from accounting to legal contracts, and licensing to publishing. Robert Austin is the Sales & Marketing guru, with expertise in merchandising, branding, and promotions that will help you optimize your sales operations and scale your units in quantity. Together we are an unstoppable force that champions the artists we work for!